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Estate agent photography - helping sell your house. (online and high street)

April 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

kitchen imageKitchen detailsKitchen details

Why pay a professional for 'a few snaps' of your house?

Well, it's an old and well used phrase, but a picture paints a thousand words, and when you are trying to sell something, even if the buyer knows what it looks like they'll always prefer to get one when they can see the item.

Have you ever looked in an estate agents window or at an online estate agent? How long did you spend looking at any house advert without any pictures? Did you even consider any without pictures? Lets face is, if you were to go online and search for houses in your area you'll have hundreds, maybe thousands to choose from.

I'll bet you skimmed past any without pictures, even if it states 'images coming soon; as quickly as those that were in the wrong price range, too few bedrooms etc. Those with photographs now need to show the house in the best possible light to keep you interested. According to The 39 Steps to a successful house sale you have approx 2.8 seconds to get someones attention on an estate agents website! 

We need a strong image, or even better a strong set of images to get the buyers attention and to keep their interest. The easiest way to do this is hire someone who has experience in it, and that's where the professional photographer steps in. 


What makes a good image?

Each property I have visited has been different, even ones with a similar layout have different decor and furnishings. Rooms can be put to a different use, a bedroom for one person is an office, workshop or craft room to others, so giving a definitive answer to this one is difficult, just saying 'well it depends' isn't what you want to read!

We have some basics that should help though, a clean and tidy room is a good start. We need to show the rooms at their best to allow our potential buyers to see the possibilities the room offers them. The photo needs to be straight, and show as much of the room as possible - but without distortion. Have you ever seen a photo that's been stretched to make a room look larger than it really is?  Obviously we want the photographs to be well exposed and correctly focused and colours to be accurate. 

So, with a little bit of work we get something like this

house, estate agent, sale,house for saleHouse exterior, ewemove Waterlooville

















Hopefully, having grabbed their attention we can continue with the interior shots.

house interior, kitchen and dining roomHouse interior











and now and again a few interesting 'lifestyle' shots, or in this case, advertising for the estate agent!

sheep Ewemove sheep!


A good set of photographs doesn't just work for sales, houses up for rent need to be shown to their best advantage too. 

The wedding of Neil and Louise

August 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wedding photography, one of the best and most frightening things you can photograph in my opinion. Seeing as this is my blog that's the one I'm going to concentrate on.

What's so frightening about it? Well for the ceremony there is much of it that only happens once. Unlike a home or studio shoot you can't get everyone to stop, reset and carry on again. The bride walking down the aisle, being given away, the exchange of rings and the first kiss, these are all very specific moments in time and I'm very conscious that any mistake I make could put a damper on the day for the couple, their friends and family.

The good parts? Apart from getting paid to do something I enjoy so much? It's being a part of a couples day, and there is always interesting people to meet. There is always something new to learn, even if it's 'don't use that technique ever again'

so, on with the photos. The bride arrived in this beautiful split screen VW

Split screen VW camperThe Wedding Car














The venue was Westgate Hall in Southampton for both the wedding and the reception, a wonderful building, but a lighting nightmare! Thankfully we had a little cloud cover after the ceremony for some photographs outside. 

The happy couple













It's amazing what backdrops you can find in the middle of a city













I would like to thank Neil and Louise for making me part of their special day, and wish them all the best in their future life together. 


25% off all canvas wraps until 06 Aug 2014

July 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A very short blog this time, we are able to offer a fantastic discount of 25% off all our canvas  wraps. This discount is already applied, no need for a discount code, this could save you upto £100.

This applies equally to all canvas wraps (2 inch thick and three inch) to all our photographs in all our public albums until midnight on the 6th August 2014, so hurry you only have a few days to save!

anyone wanting advice or assistance is welcome to contact me and I'll do what I can to help. 

Feel free to check out gallery

Andy Taylor Photography gallery

Photographing lightning, natures off-camera flash!

July 18, 2014  •  1 Comment

For anyone who wasn't on the South Coast of Britain last night, we had a little bit of lightning. It was very welcome too as we got some relief from the unusually warm weather.

I've wanted to try some lightning photography for a while, but of course every time we've had any of late, it's not been possible for me to get out and shoot. 

So, off I went to Portsdown hill, along with most of Portsmouth it seemed. The car parks were packed by the time I got there and all the best spaces taken. My plan was to sit in the back of the car with the boot open so I could be sheltered from the worst of the rain and still use the car as a faraday cage. 

Now the hard work started. Lightning doesn't co-operate, it won't pose where you want, or even where you are looking. It certainly isn't going to hold a pose while you get sorted out. So there is a lot of guesswork, or there was for me anyway. So how to do it? How to capture a decent flash of lightning? I started by watching for where the lightning strikes were most frequent and then aiming my camera in that general direction, as soon as there was a hint of light in the sky I pressed the shutter and kept shooting for a few seconds. I sure you'll not be surprised to learnt I have many, many very dark photographs!

So, the results (after some cleaning up with editing software)

LightningLightning over Portsdown Hill

lightning, portsmouth, portsdown hillLightning over Portsdown hill and Portsmouth

Brighter than day!


I can't wait for the next storm, as I have a few ideas to try out. 

Presentation day at Stephens Dance studio

July 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was delighted to be asked to photograph the children at Stephens Dancentre presentations on the weekend.

It's a great venue, not for a photographer of course as there are reflective surfaces everywhere and in particular a wall of mirrors. Add to that the lack of space for me to set up in, no space for studio strobes and very limited time for each photo and we have an "interesting" venue to work in. Just because a space is challenging, doesn't mean we can't get good images.












It simply takes a bit of preparation, and keeping an eye on angles so my flash doesn't go directly towards the wall of mirrors. I've shot here several times and I'm getting plenty of practice at bouncing light off the ceiling and walls.

It wasn't just presentation, we also had the novelty acts. Children were encouraged to show their skills, from musical instruments and singing to dance and gymnastics. 












and, err, this lot. 

So it was another interesting couple of days, but fun. Every time I go to an event I learn something. Sometimes what I learn is to never go there again. this was not one of those events. I'm looking forward to the Christmas show!

Before I sign off there is one more photo.

These are the people who run the studio, teach the children (and adults too) and run the presentation days. There are others supporting in the background, but without these people nothing would happen. (and they are going to kill me for this photo!)




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